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REGATTA´s objective is to strengthen capacity and knowledge sharing of climate change technologies and experiences for adaptation and mitigation in Latin America and the Caribbean. See more

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International Year of Soils 2015: Healthy soils for a healthy life


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Environmental News Summary Press releases

Four-day climate change summit wraps up
Enero 30, 2015 - St. Lucia News Online
PRESS RELEASE - Two high-level meetings hosted by the government of Saint Lucia in collaboration with the Organization of...

Iceland rises as its glaciers melt from climate change
Enero 29, 2015 - Science Daily
Earth's crust under Iceland is rebounding as global warming melts the island's great ice caps.


What do the island of Saint Eustatius and wetlands in Belize have in common? Designation as “special areas” in the Caribbean
19 January, 2015 - The Wider Caribbean Region (WCR) has the greatest concentration of plant and animal species in the Atlantic Ocean Basin.  Yet these precious, and often irreplaceable, natural resources are disappearing at an... More
UNEP-Coordinated Coalition Aims to Support Climate Change Fight through Measuring Emission Reductions from Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Projects
Lima, Peru, 10 December 2014 – A coalition launched today at the climate talks in Lima aims to boost efforts to save billions of dollars and billions of tonnes of CO2 emissions each year by... More
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UNEP ROLAC newsletter: November - December 2014.

Andean agriculture in the face of climate change. 2014.

22nd International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment
Water: Where does it come from?

International poster
biennial in Mexico
D Category: Think. Eat. Safe.

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